The Gap


Fewer clothes for a richer life. 


The Gap is a seasoned iconic brand that has become stale in the realm of fast fashion and other growing clothing brands. 


We used Gap's position as a historically countercultural brand to turn the culture of fashion retail on its head by starting a movement and feeding into the growing momentum of minimalism: tiny houses, capsule wardrobes, etc.

My Role

I was charged with manifesting our strategy, "fewer clothes for a richer life," into a new experience for the brand. I redesigned the stores' layout to declutter the busy, confounding space of most Gap stores. I also baked a new platform, a system for loyalty and community in Gap's new direction.

A New Platform

Of course, there are many resources, thoughts, and opinions on how to reduce clutter in people's lives. For a retailer to shift the paradigm, Gap needs to have a community guided by the same principles. We created ESNTLS to foster that community.

New Store Experience

We resolved to change Gap's complete retail experience. Redesigned stores will reflect its movement to push against the disposability of fast fashion, which means reducing the inventory back to current and relevant staples.  

In-Store Kiosk:

The store kiosk acts as a discovery method to onboard shoppers to the ESNTLS application and to continue engagement in Gap's new direction.


The Advertising

The campaign that went along was filled with promotions that encouraged mindfulness and messaging that was contradictory to what typical retailers spew.

Brand Essence



The team: Danielle Young (Brand Manager); Erik Osburn (Strategist); Logan Kornhauser (Art Director); Sarah Westerfield (Copywriter); Carl Joseph (Experience Designer)