We wanted to encourage people to take care of themselves, mindfully.

The Approach

Encourage customers to love and celebrate themselves without demonizing the products use.

The Solution

We created Kalá, a brand, and experience that centers the focus of care and mindfulness.

The Brand

The 64 Kalás is a list of practices designed to center the mind, body, and spirit. The have been adapted into artifacts, a line of health, home, and beauty products.


The Artifacts

Every artifact was handcrafted, culminating a unique, mindful brand experience from the ground up—everything from the branding to the products and the web experience, we made tangible.

Each artifact is made to reflect one or more of the 64 Kalás.

The Website

I designed the website to simply set the tone for the brand and to educate users curious about the Kalás and how they can benefit from using them.