A tool to help encourage positive behavior among kids.


Cyberbullying and social exclusion are growing to be among the more common issues in the halls of schools and on social media.


We created Inoculus, an application that helps kids learn INTERPERSONAL and SOCIAL MEDIA behaviors that can benefit their friendships in and out of school

App Features

The application employs three aspects: Commitment, Fun, and Excitement of a relational framework that have been translated to promote these types of behavior. 

The application is also Parent & Teacher facing where they are able to intervene only when the student user's teacher or the app has something concerning to report.


We found that hatred is socially trained and can be traced to many sources. One of the most prolific environments is in middle schools.

My Role

I was responsible for primary research and the discovery plan that helped to define and find a potential solution to this issue. I then implemented the research into UX strategy and developing the UI design.

Wireframes & Annotations